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Employees from Raglan Mine flies to Nunavik once a year to interact and create projects for the Inuktitut.

The reason why is because the mine is located close to the village and people living there has questions like: Is the mine affecting our water and/or fish? 

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We traveled by plane as it is the only way to get there.


Nunavik is located North of Quebec city and is the homeland of the Inuits of Quebec.

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My job there was to document the interaction between Raglan Mine and the Inuktitut in exchange for food, shelter and travel expenses. 

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We were staying in a village called Kangiqsujuaq, which is surrounded by mountains. That being said, before the sun rises over the mountains, it's 9:00 am.

By 3:00 pm, it's starting to get dark already as the mountains hide the sun.

Compare to New Brunswick for example, where it's mostly flat land, we have the light of the sun from the minute it's rising till the last few minutes it's setting. 

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It's extremely cold up there. To prepare fish meat during summer and spring, they use cold instead of heat.
That's right. The Inuktitut prepare their fish meat by hanging it outside for a few days and eat it just like that when it's dry and ready. I've tasted it and it's delicious! Same thing for caribou meat, but they dry it mostly inside.

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But for me, it was way more than that. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. 

I saw my first and only Northern Lights there. They were green and dancing in the sky like magic.

If you'd like to see more of my work for Raglan Mine, please contact me. (E-mail in bio)