An article about photography will be posted here on the 1st of each month.

Here's some tips and tricks that can help you feel more comfortable before/during our session. 

(Because we all know that being in front of a camera isn't always what comfort zones are made of, amiright?!)

May 1st - The best time of the day for a photoshoot

Ideas - What to expect before, during & after out photoshoot


May 1st

The best time of the day for a photoshoot. 

You’ve looked at my pricing plus at my portfolio, and decided that you love what you see.

The next step is simply to book the session. You’d like a beautiful sunny day so that the images look gorgeous and full of life. So you’d like your photoshoot to be next Wednesday at 1:00pm(for example) because the sun will be out! Yay!

But wait. That's exactly why we shouldn't book for 1:00pm next Wednesday.

I book my outdoor portrait sessions in the morning or evening only. Or if midday is the only time you’re available for photos, I will choose a day when it’s overcast. Why? You may ask yourself. That photographer is crazy to book clients during an overcast day! 


I book my sessions when the sun's rising/setting simply because it's flattering on the skin. That time of the day is called ''The Golden Hour'', and for a good reason, too.

Notice that pink\purple-ish color in the sky in the morning and evening? Those colors only happens during a certain window of time. And as much as I'd like to control the weather, I can't. So we've to choose the time carefully.

If we were to shoot mid-day, the sun is way too harsh, it’ll make the whole family eyes squint and will make everyone’s skin look contrasty. Which is not what we want when we book a photoshoot, is it? We want beautiful, flattering and gorgeous memories of ourselves and/or of our loved-ones.


During an overcast day, we still have natural light, but the sun is hidden behind those big clouds, which acts as a ‘’harsh light blocker\skin softener’’. Your skin will be much more flattering under the clouds and they’ll keep you from squinting. (Thank you clouds!) 


Lighting is the core of photography; If we don’t have good lighting, we don’t have good photos. Period.


I'm not the photographer who hides behind the lens. Communication between artist-clients, (while having fun in the process!), is important to me. 
I want to provide you with a stress-free, professional and great experience. Be there for you during your wedding day. Make it as special as you imagined it'd be. Make it as easy for you as possible.
Because it's your session, it's your memories and you should be able to look back at that day with a smile and be even happier looking at the results. I'm passionate and proud of my work and aim to give you high quality memories that you'll cherish. 
That is my goal when you choose me as your photographer. 

When I've my camera in my hands, I feel completed. My job as a photographer literally gives me energy. I get excited before, during, and after the photoshoot!