She doesn’t reveal her whole body, keeping some of her beauty almost mysterious.

Her style comes from the 1950s. That being said, she likes dresses that flow around her legs, one that can easily be swept up in the wind to reveal her sexy lace garter belt

(by accident, of course!).

Anything from skirts to short shorts to band shirts to a navy pilot outfit, she’ll love.


Her style varies depending on what her values in life are.

She loves bold colors, pantyhose, patterns, and buttons.


You live somewhere colder? No problemo. The Pin-Up Girl knows how to adjust to different temperatures.

During winter or colder seasons, the Pin-Up Girl loves faux-fur coats.

She stills wears dresses but with layers under neat, like leggings and faux-fur legwarmer that you can purchase to keep you warm. The conclusion is layers! And lots of it! Faux-fur coat, scarf, leggings, legwarmers, cute gloves & hat, you name it!