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Hello! Bonjour! I'm Mylène

I'm a 25 years old photographer from the East Coast of Canada. I like wine, gardening, books and my job.
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New Brunswick

Pin Ups, Freelance Photographer

I specialize in portraits and events.
Families and kids are my jam.

To me, documenting your family grow has a special place in my heart. And by growing I mean from maternity to graduation. That just makes my heart melt.

I want to capture the real moments. The smiles. The love. The laughs. The goofy faces. Which will end up making the most beautiful and cutest memories.

Not only because it's my job as a photographer (and I love it), but because I want you to have high quality memories of your loved ones.
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And when you send me that framed picture of the family that is now on your living room wall, well don't mind me if you see a tear of happiness run down my cheek.

I wish for everyone to realize how important it is to invest in memories of your loved ones. And by that I don't mean pictures on your phone. I mean images where you see the tiny details. Images that you can print and not lose quality. 
I mean images that are backed up and secure 4 different places and that will never be lost.
An investment you will not regret. 
Are you ready to invest in memories? 


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You gotta be you. 

I'm not perfect, and I'm aware of it. I also know that nobody's perfect. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be in front of a camera. 
My advice to you is embrace your flaws. For real. It will set you free. However, you gotta be you

Like to put make up on? Go for it. No make up? Go for it. Layers of clothing empowers you? Go for it.
Feeling more like yourself when showing some skin? Go for it.
Love to dye your hair funky colors? Go for it.
You like your hair their natural colors? Go.For.It.

I think you get the picture. (Pun intended)
Being in front of a camera doesn't have to be awkward.

It can (and will) be fun. It will be empowering. Even more if you embrace who you really are.
It will give you a reason to treat yourself. Most importantly, it will give you and your loved ones memories. 

This is me after a rainy, difficult hike in Tofino BC. 

Not the most flattering picture of me per say, but I do love it because it reminds me of our trip everytime I look at it. Which is why I decided to share it with you on my website.

Guenuine, exhausted smile. Real emotions. 

There are tips and trick to help you enjoy your photoshoot and feel more confident about it, believe it or not.

Clothing and hair is a big part of a photoshoot and I'm always happy to help if you're not sure what to wear. 
Here's a few things to think about, no matter what your style is : 
- choose a colour palette
- highlight your best asset 
- minimize pattern
- shoes

SLEEP. Have a good night of sleep the night before your session. Take a hot bath. Drink water. 
How you take care of yourself the night before will determined how the next day will go for you (including our photoshoot). So important!